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Kaushal Gynae and Medical Centre is a leading hospital of Panchkula providing comprehensive, top quality and moral treatment to voters particularly within the field of lady health. The Hospital is professionally managed by a team of young, energetic and well qualified managers below steering of Dr. Ankush Kaushal, Managing Director(Anaesthesia) and Dr. Ruchita Kaushal, MS Ob-gyn(Gynaecologist). Qualified gynaecologists are there around the block to supply emergency and Intensive treatment to the patients. It is the sole hospital in Panchkula providing all kinds of Painless Deliveries. To put it in a nutshell, a highly motivated and dedicated multidisciplinary team of doctors work together to offer the best services.

We are dedicated to provide sensitive & personalized care to all women. For a true mother, the joy of life consists in holding her child in her arms, putting him down to watch him run this way and that and being unceasingly riddled with her child’s questions. The child experiences that maternal affection whereby a mother is never tired or bored of being with her child. We provide full support in giving all the required facilities & providing care to the mother and baby. We encourage our patients to participate in all decisions regarding their health.

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